18 lessons from 2022

In past years I’ve done a summary of lessons learned. I thought it might be appropriate to write down some of the lessons I’ve learned in 2022. Some of these are craft, but most of them are life lessons.

  1. Creating a daily writing (or creative) habit is amazing and addictive. Creating an editing habit is nearly impossible because it uses different parts of my brain.
  2. I need a different space to edit than I do to write.
  3. If I listen to the words, I can hear the editing I need to make.
  4. Writers block can be overcome by switching media, or by mapping out the plot. Literally.
  5. Canada’s communities vary from town to town in the most remarkable ways.
  6. Newfoundlanders have the most creative expressions.
  7. I have gotten to know people more through their writing than by any other means.
  8. Business travel is not all its cracked up to be. But if you get bumped up to business class, enjoy the priority security line and extra leg room.
  9. Emergency rooms are barely controlled chaos, and sometimes I just need them to tell me when to start worrying.
  10. When I needed help, people stepped up.
  11. When we heal, we can’t always see the pain in others.
  12. Keeping my opinions to myself, is more often than not, as hard as holding my breath. But, advocating for those who are vulnerable, is as necessary as breathing.
  13. Life is shorter than you imagine.
  14. Death comes quicker than you think, slower than you want, and can be deafening in its silence.
  15. In the midst of pain, hope and peace wrap around me like a blanket. Hope and love don’t let go, even in grief.
  16. To write out my pain, I need to feel safe.
  17. When I feel safe, I am inspired.
  18. And the ideas worth chasing, are still chasing me.

Happy New Year!